Sports Floor renovation project

How to renovate a school’s sports floor and finish with the highest quality non slip sports lacquer.


Time taken:
4 days only


St Union School, Highgate, London

Tools Used:

Lagler Hummel , Lagler elan, Lagler trio, Lagler buffer, Festool corner sander, Junkers h.p sport lacquer.

Day One/Two:

Two lagler hummels out for the start of st union girls school in Highgate and one man on the edges using lagler Elan.

Lots of polish over the years so we started on 24grit, followed by 40grit,60grit and finished on 100grit using our lagler trio.

Lastly putting down a coat of Junkers base prime and left overnight ready for the courts to be re-done.

Day Three/Four:

Day three we start by marking out for all the courts to go back on with frog tape and before painting them in and removing all frog tape from the floor. This is followed by a coat of Junkers h.p. Commercial and left overnight to cure.

Day four we start by screening off the floor with 150grit mesh screen/Hoover again and finish with another two coats of Junkers h.p. Commercial.